Sove-Drain Waterproofing System

Sove-Drain Waterproofing System

Our customer contacted Peninsula Custom Construction to prevent groundwater from coming in through the blockwork on their below-ground garage. As the ground level outside was directly against the blockwork, they needed a course of waterproofing protection.

On inspecting the problem, it became clear the garage required the retrofitting of an effective damp course and waterproofing system. We decided the best course to take was the installation of a robust SovDrain drainage membrane, suitable for use above and below ground on walls and floors, together with drainage channels to take out any water build-up.

Waterproof floor and wall protection

Once the spec had been agreed with the customer, we cut out the floor around the edge of the garage and laid pea gravel and installed the drains. We wire-brushed off all the old, flaky paint on the blockwork before applying three coats of hardener to prevent any build-up of moulds and salts.

To prevent that from happening again, four cole hole vents were drilled in through the blockwork, letting air circulate in behind the membrane.

The membrane was then fitted to the walls using specialist membrane plugs before the plugs were used to attach the timber. We also laid down, joined, and sealed a SovDrain membrane across the entire floor area for a continuous waterproof barrier, before adding a layer of 50mm Celotex insulation board and laying 22mm flooring on top.

We also fitted a fully insulated suspended ceiling with a plasterboard finish before finishing the walls with marine ply together with the installation of all-new electrics. To complete the project, we fitted the fusebox and pipework, neatly boxing in both for a flush finish, before giving the newly-laid floor two coats for hardwearing paint.

As a result, the customer now has a fully waterproof and damp-proof garage which will be protected from any further potential structural damage, caused by groundwater and contaminate seepage, for many years to come.

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Peninsula Custom Construction is now a certified installer of the Delta membrane waterproofing and damp-proofing systems and we give a 10-year warranty of all work carried out.

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