House Renovation in Horrabridge, Devon

House Renovation in Horrabridge, Devon

We were contacted by our customer to work on an exciting 2-bedroom house renovation in Horrabridge, near Yelverton in West Devon. As with any home renovation, it was a challenging but ultimately rewarding project for us and a process that gave the owners a clean, modern, and fully- functioning home.

After meeting the customer to discuss their requirements and learn more about the specifics needed for the renovation, we created a schedule of works to outline each job Peninsula was going to undertake on the project.

First fix renovation schedule

Giving a complete start to finish project breakdown, the schedule covered exactly what we would do and in which order, from a current condition assessment to any structural or demolition work, and all interior and exterior work, right down to decoration and a final clean of the property.

Once we got started, we began the project by gutting the house of all its existing contents. Ceilings were taken down, kitchen and bathrooms were stripped, and floorboards were removed in preparation for the first fix plumbing and electrics to be installed.

While work continued inside, we were already getting busy outside where the roof was taken off, re-felted and battened. All the old roofing tiles were taken off and cleaned before being reused together with a dry ridge system.

Second fix finishing

After the first fix plumbing and electrics were completed, the next stage was to carry out a full plasterboard and plastering process throughout the house. The ceilings in each room, together with all the external walls, were lined with insulation boards and plasterboard to help increase the U-value, or reduce the amount of heat lost through these problem areas, of the house.

All walls and woodwork were then painted throughout before the bathroom and kitchen were installed. The final look was complete with the addition of oak doors, oak flooring, oak handrails, and oak spindles being fitted to add the finishing touches, helping the house become a warm and inviting home.

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This was certainly a fantastic project to be a part of and the results speak for themselves. When you need custom contractor services for your home renovation or conversion project, get in touch with Peninsula Custom Construction today.

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Roofing and external work

Internal ripping out stage

Work in progress