Hand-Cut Roof Replacements

Hand-Cut Roof Replacements

Being asked by a previous customer to return and start work on a new project is always welcome. And that’s what happened when Peninsula was contacted to work on replacement roofs for two of our customer’s outbuildings. As with any roofing project, it was challenging, but one which gave two buildings a new lease of life.

Hand-cut roofing precision and accuracy

As with any ‘cut-roof’ project, all materials are measured and hand-cut by our experienced team. Using traditional methods, every rafter, stud wall, joist, and purlin in the replacement process is handcrafted and constructed on-site for precision. Though potentially a longer method for any roof replacement, it allows for greater accuracy and is far better suited to any non-standard building such as the outbuildings on this project.

Tackling the smaller of the two outbuildings first, the generator building needed to have its entire existing roof and rotten timber rafters completely removed. Once cleared, this left the original stone walls exposed, allowing for small concrete-cast pads to support new timber beams running along the length of the all-new interior stud walls. In turn, this would support the weight of the new roof timbers.

Once all the new timbers were constructed and in place, we used corrugated roof sheets to span the entire roof structure. Overlapping these to reduce the amount of cutting required, their design also prevents any sagging between the roof joints and provides excellent waterproofing.

Slate roof tile finish

After the completion of the first, smaller outbuilding, we duplicated the process, albeit on a larger scale, to replace the roof on the second, main outbuilding. Using the same measurement and hand-cutting methods for all the timber used in the entire structure, we moved on to the roof itself.

For older, larger outbuildings like this, it’s common to use slate tiles which were our customer’s preference for this rural building. After applying the roofing underfelt across the rafters, we added wooden battens precisely spaced for the secure fixing of all the roof slates. Once complete, the final task was to add ridge caps, protecting the timber joists for complete weather and rainproofing.

Hand-cut roofing from Peninsula Custom Construction

In many older buildings, the roof and its structural integrity is one of its most important areas. Specialist replacement hand-cut roofing is an area of expertise for Peninsula Custom Construction which sees excellent results in every project we undertake to give long-term weather-proof protection.

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We had two outbuildings in desperate need of repair. As the buildings were old, they were not square or level. The solution to the roof repair/replacement needed not just clever engineering but also an eye for aesthetics. We received both! The buildings have been transformed to dry, secure and useable outbuildings. We were also able to install solar, so the generator is now back up for our needs.
Having this work done by friendly and honest professionals made a difference, not just to our property but also to know the work would be done to a high standard. We’ve used Peninsula Custom Construction before and will use it again to start our next project.